Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crayola Scented Nail Polish on my KID

Be prepared to be photo bombed.....fair warning....
My darling, five-year-old daughter was home sick from school earlier this week.  :(  So we painted her nails. :)  You do have to understand, though, that this is a BIG DEAL.  This kid is perfectly content to NOT have her nails polished.  It's not so much that she dislikes polish.....she just HATES sitting still for them to dry!  :D
She wanted to test out my new Crayola Scented Nail Polish.  Oh, how I wish you could smell these!!!  
Orange = Orange     Pink = Bubblegum     Purple = Grape
            Blue = Blueberry     Green = Green Apple

She colored this background for me and told me it was for me to use taking pictures of my nails....see "Give Me the Blues" - Better Pictures.  How cute that she made this for me!

Okay, Okay.....the NAILS now!
First, she posed like this....
 Then, we painted her toes....

And then she did THIS!!
I've created a monster!  And I love it!
 And then she did this, too....."Just Like Mommy"  *heart melt*

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