Friday, November 19, 2010

KU Jerseys

(Sorry, I couldn't think of a catchier title!)

We're going to another KU men's basketball game tonight!
So, I had to do some sort of KU nail art.  My husband helped me brainstorm for this one and we came up with doing a mani that was the players' jerseys!

Like this:

And this:

Here's a close-up...can you tell they're jerseys?

For the jerseys, I used CG Boundless Color White Night.  The blue trim around the neckline and the numbers were done with CG Boundless Color Blue You.  The necks were done with either New York Color Bryant Park (for the lighter-skinned players) or Fifth Avenue (for the darker skinned players). 

And in case you were wondering, there really is a rhyme and reason to the order of the numbers.....height!  My left hand middle finger is #5 - Jeff Withey, who is 7' tall!  Here's how it lines up:

Left Hand:
Pinky - #12 - Brady Morning Star 6'4"
Ring - 0 - Thomas Robinson 6'9"
Middle - 5 - Jeff Withey 7'0"
Index - 23 - Mario Little 6'6"
Thumb - 10 - Tyshawn Taylor 6'3"

Right Hand:
Thumb - 14 - Tyrel Reed 6'3"
Index - 24 - Travis Releford 6'5"
Middle - 21 Markeif Morris 6'10"
Ring - 22 - Marcus Morris 6'9"
Pinky - 15 - Elijah Johnson 6'4"


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  1. haha this cracks me up, very creative! Thanks for sharing