Thursday, November 11, 2010


This nail design was inspired by the lovely bunch of acorn nuts my four-year-old daughter found, put in my purse, and forgot about.....until I found them when I cleaned out my purse last week!  Fun.  Easy. Cute.

A little closer...

First, I applied two coats of New York Color Fifth Avenue for the body of the acorn.  Then, I did the "hats" with New York Color Bryant Park.  These were two new polishes I bought just for this nail art, and I really liked them!  I can't wait to find other uses for them, especially the darker Fifth Avenue!

The next part didn't show up very well.
I combined the two for a color in between the two.
With an eyeliner brush, I tried to do a cross-cross pattern on the "hats" to make them look more "acorn-y".  If you look closely at the bottom pic, you can see them.

It was easy.  It was fun.  It was cute!
You can do it, too!  (which is half the point of this blog!)

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  1. I like these! I have the other half of the acorns from that trip!!!!! :o)