Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Give Me the Blues

The Polish-aholics Anonymous Monday Nail Art Challenge this week was "Give Me the Blues" - a challenge to use only blue polishes!  Harder than you might think!

Now, I do know that as of this moment it is late in the evening on TUESDAY, and I therefore technically missed the MONDAY deadline.  However, last night as I was beginning my design, my darling daughter started throwing up.  :(  Poor bug!  So...I didn't get to do my design until today - Tuesday.

Please pardon the awful indoor lighting!
I'll replace these with better ones tomorrow.

I started with a base of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away, then changed my mind.  Instead of starting all over again, I just added Pure Ice Celestial over the top.  Celestial takes at least two coats, but with Blue Me Away underneath, I could get away with just one coat.  Have I mentioned that I am Madly in Love with Matte-ly in Love by Hard Candy?  <3  I added that on top to matte the pretty jewel-tone of the Celestial.  The final glittery touches were done with Pure Ice Strapless and various sized dotting tools.

Below are some photos before the glitter.  I took these this morning near an open window.  See how much better the natural light is???  Tomorrow, I'll retake the photos above and replace them with ones shot in MUCH better light!

Don't you just LOVE that Matted Jewel-tone????

TOMORROW - pics of my daughter's skittle nails!  She was home with a stomach bug, so what better to do than paint nails, right?   Always makes ME feel better!!  :D

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