Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween - Orange with Teal Crackle

After a shopping trip into "the city" last weekend, I picked up my very first crackle polish.  I know!  I'm like the last one on the boat, here!  :D  I found a gorgeous teal blue at Claire's that sadly doesn't have a name (at least that I could find).  For this mani, I got to use three brand new polishes - Wet N Wild Fast Dry, a Claire's nameless glow-in-the-dark green polish, and a Claire's nameless teal crackle.  
I started with a basecoat of Sally Hansen Double Duty, then I used two coats of my new Wet n Wild Fast Dry - a gorgeous glass-flecked, well, duh, orange!  Two coats still left a visible nail line, but since I knew I'd be adding crackle over the top, I left it that way.  Plus, I kinda like it.
Outside - cloudy day


Next, I added two coats of Claire's green-ish, very sheer, glow-in-the-dark polish which has some glitter in it.  In T's Nails, we discovered that two coats of this polish are needed to get a good glow-in-the-dark.  The picture shows the two coats.  Some of the glass-flecks are a little dimmer, but it still looks really pretty, I think.  And it now glows in the dark!


At this point, I put on a topcoat because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to put topcoat over crackle without messing up the crackle effect.  Then...the crackle....

Indoors, before clean-up

Outdoors, after clean-up

After all was dry, I added another top coat.  Have you been counting layers?  That's a EIGHT-LAYER SALAD of polishes!  (base, orange, orange, glow, glow, topcoat, crackle, topcoat)  I'm loving this!  Did I mention it GLOWS?!  The crackle blocks out parts of the glow, so just the cracks glow - SO COOL!


  1. LOVE it! I was going to try something similar with GITD polish under crackle, but chickened out. I wish I had done it! Were you able to get pics of the GITD action?

  2. Yezenia,
    My little digital camera is weak at taking GITD pix. :( You should GO for the GITD under looks SO COOL!