Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sharing Some Nail Art Love

As much as I love painting my own nails, I really love the chance to share that with others!  Below are some photos of some Nail Art Designs I got to paint on someone else!

First, I painted my dear four-year-old daughter's nails bright green for St. Patrick's Day.  She's not a fan of holding still, and her nails are pretty tiny, so when she does let me paint them, it's usually pretty simple.  

Yesterday, my best friend on the whole wide world came to visit me!  She's lives about two and a half hours away and came up for a Girls' Day!  It was wonderfully refreshing to spend time together!!  And I even got to paint her nails!  She's a K-State grad (for which she is forgiven ;)) so we did KSU Water-Marbling.  Even though I'm not at ALL a fan of these colors (see previous KU Jayhawk inspired nail art), we sure had fun doing these together!

I think I've mentioned before that I am a youth director at a church.  Last week, one of "my kids" asked if I would paint her nails, so we met up after church to paint them and another gal's nails, too.  "P" wanted KU Sparkles like I did a few posts ago, and "J" decided on some Spring Diagonals.


Hope you're out enjoying the First Day of Spring!!
and some NCAA Basketball, too!

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