Sunday, November 20, 2011

Leopard Print Nails

This happened by happy accident!  I took off the Plaid Nails, and it took forever!  I was using non-acetone remover :(  By the time I got all that blue off my nails, it was LATE...but I had to put something on my I went looking through my Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes for something "Fall-ish" and settled on The Gold and the Beautiful.  After 3 coats (or was it 4?) I called it a night and went to bed.  

And they stayed bare gold for two days!  *gasp*  I wasn't really enamored with the plain gold, but hadn't had time to do anything else....

Then last night, I turned pure gold into leopard!

This design is great because you don't have to be perfect!  Just like my Cow Spots, you don't have to make perfect dots for this!  I used a dotting tool and NYC Fifth Avenue for the brown spots.  Then used my smallest dotting tool to add "C" shapes and "( )" shapes to the spots with Wet n Wild Black Creme.  

More photos.....


  1. These are really pretty! Love the gold! :D

  2. LOVE!

    I still can't seem to get the leopard print right on my nails... =/

  3. Hello, I'm a new follower :-) I absolutely love this manicure! Animal prints always look amazing but I've never been able to master them myself.