Friday, October 21, 2011

Mega Haul (photos!)

My mega haul from arrived today - on my Blogiversary, no less.  Happy Blogiversary to me....from me!  :D

Here's the whole haul...

Wet n Wild Fast Dry Polishes...
Left to Right:
Teal or No Teal, Sage in the City, The Gold & The Beautiful, Teal of Fortune, Silvivor,, Blue Wants to Be A Millionaire, The Wonder Yellows, and Ebony Hates Chris

Wet n Wild Shine (part I)
Left to Right:
Hallucinate, French White Creme, Metallica, Rain Check, Eggplant Frost, Black Creme, Blue Moon, Bijou Blue, and Caribbean Frost

Wet n Wild Shine (part II)
Left to Right: 
Lavender Pearlescent, Lady Luck, Frosted Fuchsia, Jezebel, Burgundy Frost, Mauve Frost, and Casting Call

Now the only question is...where do I start????  :D

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