Friday, August 26, 2011

Splash Splatter

This Sunday, the church where I serve is having their annual "Splash Back into Christ" where the church worships in the city park,, then enjoys a fingerfood brunch and water games!  Everyone wears their "Splash Back" t-shirts.  I just got mine and when I saw it, I KNEW I had to make nail art to match!  This was my first attempt at splatter and I LOVE IT!!

Here's the shirt that inspired my design:

And here are the nails!!!!!
This was such a fun one to do!  Sorry they're not cleaned up very well in the photos.  I took these while the nails were still a little wet (that's some thick splatters!) because I wanted a good photo in case I smudged, gashed, or mangled them!  

Here's how I did it....
First, I applied three coats of Pure Ice Splash

Then I set up my supplies: old tablecloth to cover work area, foil for dabbing, polishes, clothespin with cottonball dipped in remover, masking tape to cover fingertips, tip of a broken ink pen (small straws work, too)

I put masking tape around my fingertips to aid in ease of cleanup and keep extra splatters off my skin. 

To make the splatters, I dripped the CG Boundless Color Blue You onto the foil, then dipped the small end of a broken ink pen into the polish so it would form a film over the hole.  I brought it up to my mouth and blew a short puff of air through it aimed at my nails.  I did practice this a bit on some scrap paper to kind of get the hang of it before I did it to my nails.  After I put Blue Me on all the nails, I wiped the pen tip off with the cottonball dipped in remover and did the same splatter technique with CG Boundless Color White Night.  Then I added a bit more blue and a bit more white.  Then I sat down to catch an old episode of Covert Affairs while I waited for it to dry a bit....which takes a while with all that thick polish!  When things were sort of dry, I took off the tape.  

Here's  look at the mess I made....

And here's a few shots of my nails with the shirt that inspired it all.....


  1. I love it!! It matches your shirt perfectly!

  2. This is easily one of the best-looking splatters I've seen on any nail blog!! Very consistent, with small splatters that don't dominate the nail. I'm definitely going to have to try your method.

    Also, from one new nail blogger to another, I really like the bling on your blog design ^_^