Friday, September 2, 2011

13 Followers and Watermarbling

I now have THIRTEEN followers!  I'm not at all superstitious, but do ya think you can help me get past 13???  :D

To inspire you to do so, here are some photos of some watermarbling I helped with.  In our new town, the water is pretty poor.  When I tried doing watermarbling for the first time here with tap water, it was a total disaster!  The water has so much extra "stuff" in it that the polishes wouldn't spread out.  After some of our new friends in town discovered my blog, some teenagers tried to do the watermarbling, too.  When they couldn't get it to work, they called me!  So I invited them to come over, and we used some bottled water to make these for their first day of school!  I always LOVE sharing nail art!  These were taken before any clean-up, so excuse the fact that they're a little "rough around the edges."

This weekend is an American Holiday - Labor Day - so I'll be trekking out to see all my family and I'm taking all my "Nail Art Toys" with me so be in the lookout for NEW nail art designs after the weekend!  HAPPY POLISHING!!

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