Saturday, September 24, 2011


 As Summer comes to an end and Fall is beginning, here's a fun Summery-Fall Nail Art Design of Sunflowers!  Our fair city was having it's annual Fall Fest and the buttons for the event had Sunflowers on the, so to fit in with the Festival, I made these....

Here's my right hand, which I painted with my left.  
Usually when I do a mani, I do paint both hands the same design.

Left hand again. (painted with right)

And a side-by-side comparison of sunny and shade

Did you notice I trimmed my nails.  :(  It needed to be done.  My nails were getting so long that it was difficult to type at work, and they were about to drive my batty!  So I trimmed them.  I hate how after a trim, they always feel sharp and awkward for a day or so.  I filed the tips with a buffer to try to minimize that, and it helped.  Another way to combat that is to put on thicker polish, so I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Double-Duty and that helped tremendously!  
The blue is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away.  (Having a great base will help me avoid blue staining when I take these off, because blues like this tend to stain nails!)  Blue Me Away is a great opaque polish and I only had to use a single coat!  Then I added Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love topcoat over just the blue to make it more sky-like and less shiney so the sunflowers would stand out more.  
To do the sunflowers themselves, I started with a white striping brush from Kiss Nail Art because I knew my yellow wouldn't cover over the blue.  Then I use a yellow striping brush from L.A. Nails for the petals.  If you look really closely you can see I left some white around the edges for depth.  I used NYC Fifth Avenue as the center of the sunflower with little dots of Sally HAnsen Xtreme Wear Black Out.  And as a last little touch, I used a gold glitter striping brush from L.A. Nails to add some gold litter to the center of the petals. 

I love how these turned out and how BRIGHT and cheery they are!  I may have to leave them on for a while because they just make me smile.  :)

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