Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tooty-Frooty (Fimo Clay Fruit)

I went to Sally's and came away with some really great new "toys" (thanks, Mom!)  One of those "toys" was Ikonna Select-A-Style Fimo Clay Fruits!  

Here's how I did the design:
  1. I first applied two coats of the NYC long-Wearing Starry Silver Glitter (at right)
  2. Then, I used tweezers to pull out the fruit and set them on my workspace.  
  3. I painted a thin coat of top coat where I wanted to position the fruit.  
  4. I used a slightly moistened dotting tool to pick up each fruit and place it/them on the nail where I wanted them
  5. I used that dotting tool to hold down the edges so the fruit would curl around the curves of my nails.  This took some patience and occasionally more top coat.
  6. I topped it all off with several coats of my top coat to smooth over the places where the fruit didn't exactly follow the curves of my nails
And finally....here are the nails!!!

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