Friday, August 19, 2011

Purple Starry Night - I'm Baaaaaack!!

Wow!  My last nail art post was June 14th!  I really didn't mean to take a break quite that long!  We packed up the apartment, then I moved to a new city with my daughter and without my husband, who had to stay in our old place to study for the Bar Exam, then I spent a month without him, and we're finally getting all settled in.  In short, I have not had ANY time to do nail art lately!  But....I'm baaaaack!!!

Here's the first design....not particularly unspectacular, and terrible photo quality, since I took the pic with my cell phone - the camera was missing for a bit...temporarily lost in a box somewhere in the move.  SORRY!!

I used two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Deep Purple, then immediately after I added the second coat, I used a dotting tool to press on the big and small stars so they would stick into the semi-wet polish.  Then I topped it all of with two coats of top coat to smooth out the edges of the stars so they wouldn't catch on things.

Keep an eye out.....another design (with more poor photos, sorry)  are coming right up!!

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