Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let There Be LIGHTS!

The Christmas music nails were such a hit, I left them on for a few extra days.  Then, last night, I did these…..

I knew I wanted to do Christmas lights, but I had to do a little experimenting to figure out what looked best.  It took some trial….and some error….and ta-da!  Let there be LIGHTS!

Right Hand

Left Hand

I started with three base coats of Pure Ice Mint Dream to give my nails a little shimmer.  Then I turned my hands palm-in with my fingers curled down and tried to make the lines look like they were one continuous strand of lights.  I used my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in black for the cords and light sockets.  For the lights, I used my embossing tools (see previous Thanksgiving Nails) to make tear-drop-shaped lights.  I used:  Pure Ice Splash (pink), Pure Ice Crème Wild Thing (green), Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Purple Potion, Pure Ice Excuse Me (yellow), and Sally Hansen Ztreme Wear The Real Teal.  After the lights were all dried, I added a little tiny moon shaped accent with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in white, to make it look like the lights were shining.  And topped it all of with a generous helping of Revlon Extra Life Top Coat.  Tip:  The Nail Art Pens smear really easily, so I had to use a generous helping of Top Coat just gently laid on the top of the nails instead of brushing it on like usual.  

These were pretty quick and lot of fun!  I’m already thinking of the next Christmas Nail Art idea!  If you know of anyone interested in Nail Art, be sure to send them here to read my blog and get ideas!  THANKS!!


  1. I wish you lived closer! Then you could do my nails too!!! Miss ya! Love the nails! :o)

  2. I could never paint that well with my left hand! lol