Thursday, October 28, 2010

Teeney-Weeney Halloweeney!


These were a lot of fun and not really all too much hard work!
After I made a list of what I wanted to do, I wrote out which one would go on each finger.  Then, I painted the base coats on all the nails literally in the middle of the night one night and let them set up nice and solid overnight.  Then put on the little details the next morning.

Now one hand at a time with instructions...
  • Thumb - Moonlit night
    • two coats of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear (SHXW for short) "Blue It"
    • then one coat of SHXW "Mellow Yellow" in a circular shape over the top left quadrant of the nail
  • Index - Bloody Fingers!
    • two coats of SHXW "White On"
    • I took SHXW "Cherry Red" in a jagged line across the top half of the nail
    • then I dipped a toothpick into the polish bottle, and laid in on top of the places where the jagged line dipped down, rolling it slightly towards to top of the
    • added a few extra drips with that toothpick
  • Middle - FrankenBride
    • two coats SHXW "Black Out"
    • drew the lightning bolt (yes, with my left hand) using Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen White
  • Ring - Ghostess with the Mostest
    • two coats of SHXW "Black Out"
    • when that was dry, I painted a swatch using SHXW "White On"  
    • to make the ghostly shape, instead of painting from cuticle to tip, I painted from tip to cuticle pressing down harder at the tip and easing off toward the cuticle to taper the end
    • drew the eyes and the mouth with Sally Hansen Nail Art Black
  • Pinky - Candy Corn
    • bottom stripe with SHXW "Mellow Yellow"
    • middle stripe with Pure Ice "Hot Tamale"
    • tip with SHXW "White Out
    • Secretly - this is so easy and totally one of my favorites!

  • Pinky - Bats in the Moonlight
    • two coats SHXW "Mellow Yellow"
    • "v" shapes with SH Nail Art Pen Black
  • Ring - MummyWrap
    • two coats SHXW "White On"
    • non-parallel lines for the wrapping with SH Nail Art Pen Black 
  • Middle - Frankenstitches
    • two coats of Pure Ice "Creme Wild Thing"
    • SH Nail Art Pen Black to draw the stitches
  • Index - Jack-O-Lantern
    • two coats Pure Ice "Hot Tamale" (Sally Hansen has an orange called "Crushed" but it has just a little pink to it that doesn't work so well for Halloweeney Nails)
    • drew on the face with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen Black
  • Thumb - Eensey-Weensey Spider
    • two coats SHXW "White Out"
    • first, with SH Nail Art Pen Black I drew the anchor lines from teh center to the middle of the tip, each side of the tip and each corner of the cuticle
    • then starting at the center, drew the webbing
Topped everything off with two coats of Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat.

Now off to finish making and frosting jack-o-lantern cookies for my daughter's preschool!

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