Friday, January 9, 2015

Something Totally Nautical!

I love all things nautical!  And so today, looking for something pretty simple to get back to doing my nails again, I went with Something Totally Nautical (and simple).

I'm a little out of practice, so bear with me, ok?  :D
Plus, the dry winter weather means several have broken recently.  :(

I used:
Pinkie and Thumb are China Glaze "First Mate"
Pointer is China Glaze "Hey, Sailor"
Ring Finger base is Pure Ice White
Middle Finger is Wet 'N Wild "Silvivor"
A very thin nail art brush for the stripes
and the heart was made with the dotting tool and then dragging paint to a point with the brush.


  1. Cute! And nice color combo!! :)

  2. Welcome back! : D
    This was in January but I know you'll be back soon!