Monday, December 12, 2011

Most Festive Green and Red - Purple Crumpet Fairy 31 Days of Christmas Challenge Days 9 & 10

Hello, blog?  Nice to see you again...sorry I was MIA.  Extended holiday and all that jazz.  Plus four broken nails.  It's not pretty.  I've missed you.  And I'm glad to be back!!!

So here's where I jump into the Purple Crumpet Fairy 31 Days of Christmas Challenge: a combination of Days 9 & 10 - Most Festive Green and Most Festive Red. (More about that challenge at the end of this post)

First a disclaimer - these are not my real nails.  :(  I broke off FOUR nails in one sickening *pop* when I tried to open a frozen-shut car door.  My hand slipped off the handle and all four nails snapped...down to the quick.  It was painful and I was so mad that I cried!  The newly-exposed skin at my fingertips was so sensitive that touching soft things was excruciating!  To cope, I put on falsies....Ok...enough of a pity party - on to the nails!!

I started with my favorite base coat - Sally Hansen Double Duty.  It's getting a bit thick at the bottom of this bottle, so it will have to be replaced soon.  My Most Festive Red is my new e.l.f Red Velvet from my Secret Santa exchange in Polishaholics Anonymous on Facebook.  
After putting on the Red Velvet, I used a small square of a kitchen sponge to add Zoya Ginessa.  I had intended to stop there....but something was I grabbed my My Most Festive Green, which is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Emerald City, and added just a bit of that on the tips - perfect!!

The nails in THIS particular picture below are actually my real nails.  They're on my right hand, and therefore were painted and sponged using my left hand.

 These are my left hand again, on my Most Festive Red sweater!

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Merry Christmas!

You can join in, to0!

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